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Learning Taekvando!

We always think that Martial arts is a great way to teach children discipline and focus, which Atila Kaan needs most 😉

We find a good instructor with recommendations but it was not easy convincing Atila at the beginning. Most of the kids were extremely motivated and Atila was very shy. He did not feel comfortable first a couple months and we ended up sitting at the waiting room with him. I was almost quite but Kaan took the lead and persistent to take him at least ones a week. It worked , Atila started learning some but slow . Now we are going to taeakvando almost 6 months, he doest cry and enjoys it. He has already yellow belt 😉

Atila is growing so fast 4,5 years old already!

Looks like we did not post anything last 1 year! Atila is growing so much! He is missing Tennessee but already made good friends in Houston!

His best friends are Jaynie and Noah! He loves Batman now! His favorite color is black ! His English and Turkish are both good and we love him so much!

Atila started Taekvando and Kumon recently. It took for a while for him to get used to it, but now he likes it.

He is already white belt and learned all the letters and their sounds !

This summer we have lots of good plans 😉 Atila will learn swimming and reading 😉